Sunday, March 9, 2014

M File Anti-Copy 5.5 32bit-64bit Torrent Download

Seeds: 139
Peers: 63
M File Anti-CopyM File Anti-Copy torrent

Torrent Size: 12 mb
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Version: 5.5
Category: System|File Management
Developer: Mohsen Ektefa
Size: 12 mb


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Review: M File Anti Copy is an application that can ensure the security of your computer by preventing copïoo files and folders. The program comes with a user friendly interface in which you can activate anti-COPIA protocol for some or all files, folders, disks and file types. When you want to start the anti-copy for drives, folders and specific files, you can create content or barred list. In addition, you can copy and delete files and folders when M File Anti-Copy is working (in the case of activated anti-copy). You can also activate an anti-anti-delete and run files and folders (or just some anti-running Windows titles), and anti-run system for USB devices (USB to make read-only memory, close the USB port) . In addition, the second menu permits you to lock the Windows registry entries, Task Manager, command line, drag-and-drop method, the Send To menu, the Windows CD burning, uploading files and attachments, as well as formatted drive. M File Anti Copy uses a low amount of system processes and resources include online help files and do a great job when it comes to restrict user access to the content of the computer. For example, the function against the run is especially useful if you suspect that your computer is virused but do not have the ability to take care of the situation immediately. On the other hand, in order to deactivate the anti-COPIA system, you must log out every time. This can be very uncomfortable for most users. Otherwise, M File Anti-Copy is a great security software and we strongly recommend all users.

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