Sunday, March 2, 2014

Logon Screen 2.56 64 Bit Torrent Download

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Logon ScreenLogon Screen torrent

Torrent Size: 14 mb
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Version: 2.56
Category: Tweak|System Tweak
Developer: Daniel Rebelo
Size: 14 mb


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Review: Logon Screen Windows 7 is an application designed to help users to change the appearance of the screen Logon to your operating system. One of the questions that should be applauded when it comes to the benefits of Logon Screen is definitely the way manages to keep things simple, boasting a user-friendly layout with a very intuitive options. If you E wrong with the standard settings, or in the case of ea novice and put it on purpose to get too deep into the process of configuration, its enough to take a picture stored on your computer and hit? Apply? button. Logon Screen supports most popular image formats on the market, including JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF. Jumping into the advanced settings menu, but give access to other important features of the application. Besides the fact that you E to select the text and click the style and disable button to fire, you can configure the policy, with more options available. You can thus input will be displayed before the user can log in, but also to force users who want to log on to press CTRL + ALT + DEL before. In addition, you can even see the previous attempts to log in with the time and date. Last but not least, make sure you E on the safe side all the time, Logon Screen also boasts restore utility, which brings me to the default settings of Windows. Generally Logon Screen is definitely one of the best products of their kind, offering not only a clean interface and intuitive features and a wide range of features. Plus its freeware and can be used for both 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows 7

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